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Providing delicious, high quality snacks packed with exciting flavours from around the world. Because its all about the taste.

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We are first and foremost foodies. With over 30 years’ experience in the snacks and confectionery industry, we recently decided to start our business based on a real desire and passion to do things right and proper and provide great tasting premium quality products that we would love to eat.

No strange Bets or lightbulb moments just a real passion and desire to deliver great quality, textures and flavours that excite the taste buds and make people happy. In keeping with public awareness and dietry requirements our gourmet snack range includes vegan friendly products.

All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards and are SALSA accredited.


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New Sweet Flavours on their way

We will have some great new sweet flavours available in the new year. Check back to us to see what we have. luptatias aspeles des ratiiste molore sequi dolenimenis exerectur? Vitibus. Pa qui consed ma quatur sa velleste porem et parum et officit eatam doluptati